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bungee cord chair – MetaForm Studio

yellowbunfronts_1.jpg red_bungee_fronts_1.jpg

This happily handsome chair can conform and fit any size posterior. Quite a handy feature in this, the age of excess.

Pomona, NY based, MetaForm Studios specializes in the design of pieces that utilize recycled and sustainable materials.

The bungee cord chair comes in two sizes:

kids – $500
large children (adults) – $650
shipping not included


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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

SIGG H2O Bottles with Eco-Style

siggbubblesbot_1_1.JPGYour eco-style might trend to…sporting a jute thong, donning an organic tee that’s a couple sizes too small (that darn dryer), or wearing Gladiator-style sandals made from recycled car tires… SIGG is sponsoring a “What’s Your Eco-Style?” Contest. Whip up a clever image to be featured on their bottles, sold exclusively at Patagonia and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Surfrider Foundation, a not-for-profit group committed to protecting our oceans and beaches.

Get on board now, the deadline is June 1.
More info @ siggpressrelease.

sigg2.jpgSIGG reusable water bottles are 100% recyclable … with a water-based interior coating to keep your filtered, thirst-quenching-aqua, pure. Stay delightfully hydrated with this fashionable, lightweight, aluminum carrier from Switzerland — ahhhhh-vailable @ peacefulcompany $19.95/each, 20 oz.

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Animal-Internet gives animals a voice

This is not going to be good news for my sensei, Stephen Colbert, but there’s a new website in town, Animal-Internet, where creatures, including bears, get to spout their opinions just like Billy O’Reilly or that dolt Glenn Beck.
Log in as a Kuala Bear from Kuala Lumpur and have some fun…but remember, no thumbs allowed.

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Cherry Messenger bag from Zanisa


Make a less-than-subtle visual statement evoking whatever double entendre appeals to your sordid mind with this eye-catching messenger bag designed by Jean-Marc Stuhrmann.

Large interior pocket, with two other pockets in, and under, the flap. Adjustable seatbelt strap. Made from recycled sails and readily washable, to boot.
$175 @

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tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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