siggbubblesbot_1_1.JPGYour eco-style might trend to…sporting a jute thong, donning an organic tee that’s a couple sizes too small (that darn dryer), or wearing Gladiator-style sandals made from recycled car tires… SIGG is sponsoring a “What’s Your Eco-Style?” Contest. Whip up a clever image to be featured on their bottles, sold exclusively at Patagonia and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Surfrider Foundation, a not-for-profit group committed to protecting our oceans and beaches.

Get on board now, the deadline is June 1.
More info @ siggpressrelease.

sigg2.jpgSIGG reusable water bottles are 100% recyclable … with a water-based interior coating to keep your filtered, thirst-quenching-aqua, pure. Stay delightfully hydrated with this fashionable, lightweight, aluminum carrier from Switzerland — ahhhhh-vailable @ peacefulcompany $19.95/each, 20 oz.