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10 reasons to go green


  1. you’ll pick up more chicks (see DiCaprio, Leo and Clooney, George)
  2. what you’ll save by using rechargeable batteries in your sex toys could buy a small vacation home
  3. the transition to solar power for your hot tub might help your political career (see Gore, Al)
  4. your taste in music will improve (see Phish…well, maybe not)
  5. green washing gets your clothes 30% cleaner
  6. the Energy Star rating on your bong will impress scads of people
  7. you can revitalize that flagging acting career (see Hannah, Daryl)
  8. you’ll improve the marketing viability of those crocheted organic cotton thongs your grandma makes
  9. your investment in that foil-covered family room with the grow lamps will finally pay off when the wonder fiber — hemp, is legalized
  10. PETA will stop spray painting slogans on your Hummer with the coyote-fur seat covers
  11. Ed Begley will put a good word in for you with that Prius dealer
  12. your Human Contact Phobia will come in handy – trees don’t hug back
  13. you’ll finally be able to explain the moss growing in your Barcalounger
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Live Love Row – bamboo tee

jlracing_1945_3796172.jpgI just don’t do as much rowing as I used to — don’t know why (no oars) but this shirt will allow me to infer that I do. Nice.

This tee is built from a bamboo and organic cotton blend. The bamboo contains no additives, is naturally anti-bacterial — (deodorant is a rowing must) and elastic (for protruding muscles). Possessing ventilation characteristics, with moisture absorbing qualities, and as always with the “boo” — it is sweetly soft.

Hot pink JL logo on the front (no pix), hot pink LIVE LOVE ROW on the back.

$20 @

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Moluche – handmade alpaca cushions


Moluche creates its textiles with fresh, contemporary design, timeless hand-woven craftsmanship from eco friendly, sustainable and all natural materials. Pictured are individually hand woven cushions from hand-spun Chilean alpaca.   They also feature beautiful throws, shawls and scarfs.
here’s a list of brick & mortar and online retailers

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thursday’s mixed bag of green news


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