I love walking barefoot on the beach on a beautiful sunny day, then lounging under a sun-brella — I imagine Vitamin D penetrating my hide, making my innards feel all warm and fuzzy. But with my fair skin genes, I have to be conscientious about sun protection year-round — slathering it on, daily. But it’s that time of year, when you’re probably shopping SPFs:

  • look for products with either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, natural minerals for sound UV protection
  • or choose plant-based ingredients, such as green-tea extract, which are high in antioxidants, and their anti-inflammatory properties can help prevent sun damage and minimize burn damage, if it does occur.

Fortunately, there are many good chemical-free sunscreen lotions available today, at various price points. Here’s my latest round-up of some Good Green Protection from sun’s harmful rays.

Alba Botanica SUN – paraben-free, fragrance free, with mineral sunscreen SPF 18 with aloe for sensitive skin

Aubrey-Organics – Natural Sun line – Check out their ingredients dictionary

Erbaviva – SPF 15 for “kids of all ages”

Lavera’s Family Sun Spray, SPF 15 – organic, vegan, waterproof

Shop Saffron Rouge for organic options

Check out your sunscreen’s rating with Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Sunscreen Report. And visit for some ingredients to avoid.

Use at least one ounce per slather. And re-apply if you’re in the sun all day or go for a dip. Now grab the cooler, and enjoy the sunshine!