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mion tide scramble sandal

Mion designs award winning sandals for real outdoor enthusiasts. The Tide Scramble is the shoe for athletic types who can’t decide if they’re in the water or out. It comes equipped for both, with an upper constructed of a unique combination of perforated neoprene and fabric that is both wind resistant and highly breathable. Lock your metatarsals in with the super-strong 360° lacing system and this sandal is at home on dry land, wet shoreline, or in a Class III rapid.

Some features:

  • ergnomic foot-bed – removable footbed with a layer of ergonomic foam that forms to the wearer’s foot for a personalized fit
  • sculpted superstructure – each rib wraps around your foot to provide the ultimate in personalized stability, coverage and cushioning
  • super structure cord – one piece lacing cord made of climbing grade rope or Kevlar
  • wet/dry traction – outsole design features Quad-cut siping and Gripstick rubber compound for all-terrain traction
  • ultra-light – feather-light design
  • amphibious liner – resists wind, water and is highly breathable
  • 100% water compatible – cannot retain or absorb H2O

available for both men & women $115 @

also found at many shoe and outdoor gear retailers mion store finder

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

saturday’s mixed bag of green news


  • This glow-in -the-dark gem is just a scenic 35 miles from the Big Apple. Battle Ahead Over Indian Point Nuke Plant – msnbc
  • Politicians are by definition…politicians. Barack Obama is Not Serious About the Environment – gristmill/reuters
  • Wolf Makes Friends With Donkey – ananova – If you read this, the live donkey was intended as food for the wolf…only in Albania.
  • Now they’ve gotten my attention. Warming Oceans May Diminish Length of Day – sciencedaily
  • What’s so incredible? – Incredible Shrinking Packages – nytimes
  • Take a walk on the wild side in Uppsala, Sweden, thanks to Linnaeus – A Vast Garden of Knowledge, Still Blooming Today – nytimes
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