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chrysalis sky – floor lamp


treelamp.jpgCreated by Ango World and former architect Angus Hutcheson of Bangkok Thailand, these unique looking floor lamps cause quite a visual stir. Not a lot of info to be found on these items but they are sold by Ford Brady of L.A..

The Chrysalis Sky Lamp (above) consists of a thin steel rod and wire frame support for a shade made of raw silk cocoons and stands a stately 75″ tall.

Chrysalis Sky lamp is $1542 @ Ford Brady.

The lamp pictured to the right is called “Tree.” also distributes Ango pieces.

for additional Ango product pix

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Eco Fabrics of our Lives

There are some new threads available and it’s exciting to see them on catwalks and sidewalks — organic and sustainable fibers are the only way to go, whether we fashion our own clothes or buy off the rack.

  • bamboo – one of the most sustainable fibers made. It can grow like wildfire, without pesticides or fertilizers. Formed from the pulp of the plant, this softy has wonderful anti-bacterial properties, wicking away sweat to keep us dry, we stay cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • hemp – one of the most durable natural fibers on the planet, and versatile. It requires no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, is harvested and processed by hand, and produces 2-3 times more fiber per acre than cotton.
  • ingeo – a versatile, man-made fiber from renewable corn.
  • jute – a glossy fiber from a plant. Most often used to make: sacks, rope, twine. (more…)
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nau cleanline jacket

naujack_1.jpgSleek, minimal design meets maximum utility.

Why look like a schlump when you’re climbing that ridge?

This windproof, water resistant and super-breathable shell has been created of recycled polyester fabric. Welded seams and streamlined fit help you glide through the environment.

$220 @

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monday’s mixed bag of green news


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Yahoo! Be a Better Planet

beabetterplanet.jpgYahoo!, spokesman Matt Dillon and Global Green USA, have announced a new website and contest called, Be a Better Planet. People can take action, earn credits toward making their city the “Greenest City” and win their metropolis a fleet of hybrid taxis or cash equilvalent.. Yahoo! will also donate a fleet of hybrid taxis to New York City and you can earn free CFL lightbulbs.

Contest runs through June 8th.
more info @ Be a Better Planet

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