Andrew___Austin_May_2007_049_1.jpgWith an adorable website design, explaining some oh-so-common figures of speech, blirt shirt introduces youngsters to cleverly illustrated, graphic depictions of:
fish out of water
bull in a china shop
no shrinking violet
a good egg
a real ham

Andrew___Austin_May_2007_050_1.jpgMade with organic cotton and low-impact dyes, these cool graphic tees are available in either short or long sleeves. Each one comes wrapped in a nifty brown bag, accompanied by a booklet playfully explaining the figure of speech and its origin. We learn something everyday; (these useful explanations also appear via flash on their website).

My nephew Austin, (the catch of the day, above), loves his new
Fish out of Water
tee, and asks to wear it everyday! Have fun teaching your children the nuances and quirks of our language while dressing them to a tee.

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