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candela portable lights – rechargeable


It’s that time of year again. People are crawling out of their winter lairs to take in the sun, while dreaming of the beach or summer nights spent sipping wine naked (McConnaughey-style) on a romantically-lit veranda, with night birds singing, surrounded by beautiful scantily clad women…Whoa! I’m getting off track here.

lg_lgcan4_g_large_1_1.jpgSet the mood for your summer soirees with this set of four Candela Portable Lights. Rechargeable, portable and stylish, these Candelas give off a warm, soft glow. Designed for longevity and rechargeable, these LED lights glow for five or six hours per charge, and have individual on/off switches. They even turn on automatically when removed from the charger plate.

The polycarbonate lamps are fully enclosed and include a non-replaceable bulb and ni-cd batteries.

Available in additional colors at some stores.

Shop for them now, before they sell out.

$75 @

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

thursday’s mixed bag of green news


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Pacifica – all natural, handmade soap


As a lemongrass tea drinker, I was intrigued by a soap by Pacifica, made with Thai Lemongrass. One whiff of this handmade beauty bar, and my mind was transported to an exotic land. Cultivated as a medicinal and culinary herb as well as perfume, this East Asian import refreshes and soothes skin in a meaningful way. French Lilac, Mandarin Lime and Kashmir are my next stops on the Pacifica express:)

The husband-wife founders of the company, Billy and Brooke Taylor, use their own biodegradable, vegan, vegetable glycerin soap base,
as well as herbs and a unique fragrance blend of natural oils and essences. No animal testing, animal ingredients or artificial colors are utilized in the process. Their luxurious bars are long lasting and rich lathering, balanced to neutral pH, non-allergenic and naturally moisturizing.

Find an array of beautifully made soaps, gift selections, 100% phthalate-free soy candles, perfumes with essential oils and natural grain alcohol, paraben-free body butters; and special offers via their newsletter @ pacifica

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