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Wave Power Leader Oceanlinx

Australian renewable energy company, Energetech, has changed its name to Oceanlinx. AltCon had previously posted on Energetech’s wave powerplant at Port Kembla and their proposed project off Point Judith Rhode Island.

The company has a new website,, and is moving ahead on several wave power projects worldwide. Including:

  • South Africa – contracted for 10 plants to be installed over the next 3 years
  • Late stage negotiations with an Australian power company for 10 units to be located in Portland
  • Australia – ongoing negotiations for installations in King Island
  • Hawaii – a proposed project in Maui
  • Rhode Island – the ongoing project has a commitment from the state for a 10MW plant
  • England – a proposed 5MW project
  • Mexico – financing a feasibility study for two units

sea_1_.jpgAn exciting component of the Oceanlinx wave energy technology is its ability to utilize its energy to create clean, fresh water from ocean brine, in addition to creating electricity for the power grid.

Waves provide a constant source of energy, unlike solar, or wind energy, whose production capacity can be adversely affected by weather conditions.

Additional features:

  • Oceanlinx hardware is simple and robust with only one moving part, the turbine
  • Units are easily moved and relocated
  • The structure is above water and less prone to break-down than undersea installations
  • Oxford Oceanics has deemed Oceanlinx technology to be most efficient at converting wave energy to electricity
  • The Electric Power Research Institute deems Oceanlinx the lowest cost per unit producer of its wave power peer group
  • Oceanlinx technology can produce potable water, electricity and salable by- products like brine and hydrogen from its desalination process
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Friday, May 18, 2007

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