Antony Brown, Director of Ecosa Institute sheds light on the importance of green building today: “Because half of all carbon emissions come from the building sector, the American Institute of Architects has announced the 2010 Imperative to increase ecological literacy in all design classrooms by 2010 and the 2030 Challenge to reduce the carbon output of all new construction 10% every five years, so that by 2030 all new buildings are completely carbon neutral. The Mission Lane project is an example of the work the Ecosa Institute is doing to address the oncoming crisis of climate change and can serve as a model for other designers attempting to meet the 2030 Challenge.”

How gratifying it must be for the students involved in designing a 45-unit affordable housing project to see their work move into the construction document phase. Ecosa Institute’s Total Immersion Semester in Sustainable Design worked together with Desert Mission Neighborhood Renewal, a non-profit community development organization sponsored by John C. Lincoln hospital in Phoenix, Arizona to create plans for an environmentally, socially and economically responsible housing project for “workers who provide vital services to the community,” as the National Society of Homebuilders has noted. (Source:

Another Arizona-based, Ecosa hot-bed project, Wild Bill Ranch, in the Coconino National Forest, whose mission was to be totally self-sufficient in power and other resources.

ecosawrkshop.jpgEcosa Institute was founded by Antony Brown in 1998, and has offered semesters in sustainable design for people of all backgrounds and interests since 2000. For a history of Ecosa’s approach to experiential education, and a brief, yet enlightening video interview with Brown, click here, where we learn, “the word ‘sustainability’ is a dumb word…It’s more about ‘survival’ right now…90% of habitat is destroyed so we can build buildings.”

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