Now I have to acknowledge that I haven’t partaken of this alternative therapy, but it sounds quite interesting nonetheless. If you’re brain is spinning from inhaling too many prescription, or over-the-counter meds for that sleepless condition, or you’re bleary-eyed from staring at that test-pattern on your tv set, you might want to check out Brain Music Therapy.

Dr. Galina Mindlin (NYC) hooks you up to some electrodes and measures your brain waves and a couple of weeks later sends you a CD that matches soundtracks to your active and resting brain wave patterns. Play the “relaxing” track to go beddy-by and the “activate” track to get your mojo working. The process is non-invasive and takes about half an hour. The therapy is also said to improve concentration and help treat stress, depression and anxiety problems. There are practitioners in many major cities.
Oh, it does cost a few bucks; $550 to be exact.

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(via Gotham magazine)