Soaring discs of recyled plastic — the ultimate in counterculture athletics. Here are a few that are cool not only cause you’re saving oil and energy, but because you’re not adding to those nasty piles of plastic covering the planet.

UPDATE: August 4, 2009 – Where have all recycled plastic frisbee sellers gone?  Looks like recycled discs have been scooped up.  Here’s the latest:

Eco Frisbee – the Groovy EcoSaucer is made in the USA from recycled milk jugs.  Packaging is 100 percent recycled waste. $10.50/each.

Patagonia’s Reflyer freestyle is made in the USA from 60% post consumer content (we could do better…) $10 @

Dave Matthews Band high flyers feature “fire dancer,”
175 gm for $15.00

The following discs seem to be no linger available, (possible collector’s items?):

Leave No Trace sells celestial spinners with swirling patterns for only $10.

John Mayer’s ” baby face” eco-conscious spinners – $12.00

Full Circle, eco friendly discs are available at, $11 – 13.

Tea Leaf Gear also has full moons — nice white ones that glow in the dark for ultimate or golf — $12, 11 inches in diameter, 175gm.