tools_longhandle_small.jpgSummer is upon us and I can actually hear my lawn and gardens growing. In addition to getting out the old lawnmower, your estate may require more detailed TLC. This cobrahead gardening tool may be just the kind of help you need (other than four guys from Bushwacker’s Landscaping and LawnCare).

The “head” is known as a precision weeder and cultivator, planter and transplanter, furrow and dirt buster.

A good fit for both lefties or righties the comfy handle is made of wood fiber reinforced recycled plastic, and the tool is made of self-sharpening, knife blade quality steel. Manufactured in one of our favorite red states, Wisconsin, this all-American gardening implement has won the Seal of Approval from the National Home Gardening Club.

snatch one up for $24.95 includes shipping @ (buy in quantity and get a discount)

save your back and knees and go for the cobrahead long handle which won the joe gardener award as a “must have tools for 2007″ (48, 54 or 60”) for $45, plus shipping

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