Coming to an internet connection near you on September 1, 2007 is, the consumer products website of Michigan based, Industrial Woodworking Corporation, an OEM for the 3 largest home office manufacturers in the U.S. and a company seriously dedicated to environmental responsibility.

Here are a few of the many steps they’re taking in the pursuit of greener marketing, manufacturing and shipping.

  • knú sales will be internet based and with no publishing of wasteful catalogs and mailings
  • recycled and re-used materials will be used whenever possible in shipping and manufacturing.
  • none of their SCS certified veneers come from rainforest timber
  • hardware is constructed of 40% recycled steel and is fully recyclable
  • wood components are produced from Forest Stewardship Council certified multi-ply birch
  • 90% of their product materials come from regional suppliers within a 50 mile radius of their plant
  • they have installed energy efficient heating and lighting systems in their new manufacturing complex
  • no contact adhesives are used in manufacturing
  • all lamination is zero VOC
  • products are shipped UPS direct from the factory – not large national distribution centers

desk4_opendrawer_large_1_1.jpgTo the products – pictured above and to the right, is the simply named, knú desk #4 which makes a forward-looking, futuristic statement on style and sustainability. Desk #4 is said to inspire the composition of letters to Congressmen on enviro issues and the writing of donaton checks to green orgs…so watch it!

Comes in your choice of 6 green veneers with nickel plated leg levelors and a pencil drawer (of recyclable injection plastic). Sixteen screws and a supplied allen wrench will get you working, or playing, behind this beautiful piece.

You can register right now at their website for a 10% discount on future purchases. Products can be pre-ordered now for 20% discount and a 50% discount on shipping.

pre-order desk #4 and get it discounted for $1,168 @ getknú.com

Remember the September 1st launch date (by which time I hear they’ll have a fancy new website). You can see more of the knú product line of bookcases, entertainment centers, tables, chairs, desks and more