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bamboo tee – by loretta

LorettaTeeEZ_1.jpgHere’s a nicely tailored fancy-tee with the comfy feel, anti-bacterial and odor fighting qualities inherent in 100% bamboo threads. This pre-shrunk bamboo jersey top comes in six additional, equally luscious, colors.

Pictured at right is delicious mango.
$48 @

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

wednesday’s mixed bag of green news


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Wind-Sail Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

windsail_1.jpgUrban wind-power production will eventually be an important component of our national energy policy. Wind-Sail, a San Francisco development company and a division of Empire Magnetics, is creating its new vertical axis wind power turbines, with design and engineering help from an interesting source, some out of work Russian missile engineers from the Makeyev State Rocket Center in Miass, Russia. In a bizarre twist, the Russian engineers are currently funded by the U.S. Department of Energy through the IPP (Initiative for Proliferation Prevention). The IPP program is designed to keep out-of-work missile scientists from dabbling in intercontinental ballistic weaponry.

The Wind-Sail vertical turbines are designed to be quiet, efficient, rooftop installed and in some cases, without a tower.

Now, about those ICBM’s….

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