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modmix – organic cocktail mixers


We’ve finally found the perfect organic mixing complements to our previously featured 4 Copas certified organic tequila and Square One organic vodka. Modmix has created the organic mixers for a rousing eco cocktail party and they come in three party-licious flavors.

modmixtrio.jpgcitrus margarita – the south-of-border favorite gets a facelift with all-organic ingredients and a bloom of fresh orange. A great source of renewable energy.

lavender lemon drop – after another heated discussion of advances in photovoltaic cells cool down by adding a touch of vodka to this perfect combo of organic lemon juice and fresh lavender water.

pomegranate cosmopolitan – the cosmo is the staple of any party centered around sustainability; so drink up.

or snag your mixers online @

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Friday, June 8, 2007

friday’s mixed bag of green news


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The Cherry Stop – Every little step…


One of my favorite places to travel, Traverse City, Michigan (aka “The Cherry Capital of the World”), is home to The Cherry Stop, nothing other than a boutique that’s filled with all things cherry. CherryPepperJamInd.jpgYou name it: lotions, potions, chocolate-covered or smashed into a delicious natural jam; they’ve got it. Gleaning their website the other day, I noticed that they’d added a “Green” section for online readers.

While it may not be a huge step for mankind, it’s one more example of the little steps that everyday “mom and pop” shops are taking to make the world a greener place. You’ve got to appreciate that. For a bit of inspiration, check out their eco-policies, like reusing packing materials; click here.

check it out
or visit their online shop.

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