I love the retro-futuristic look of the PowaBlade electric bike from PowaCycle. Though it has an adult sized frame this bike is primarily marketed to kids from ages 14 to 99.

Formerly called the “Barracuda” this little honey has many positive qualities:

  • zero emissions
  • motor power only – 10mph max speed Assisted-power
  • motor and Pedals – 10mph max speed
  • cycling only – without motor assist (why do I think this mode will be little-used?)
  • Independent twist grip throttle
  • Front Calliper and Rear Band Brake
  • 12 inch wheels
  • NiMH lightweight battery – 24V 10Ah=240 Watt hours
  • 12 miles per charge with gentle pedalling on flat surface
  • Full battery recharge in 4 to 6 hours – 300 recharge cycles
  • Weight including battery 30kg
  • extras – removable basket, bell battery charger, kick stand

£199 @ greenandeasy.co.uk or PowaCycle.co.uk