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maki squarepatch – love for discards, inspires


I’m mad for Maki. Two, talented sisters from Singapore care for an unloved cat, and are inspired to give new life to once-loved clothing and other materials. While nursing Maki, their found-by-the-wayside cat, sisters Enqi and Xin decided they would devote their time to patching up broken, discarded items and re-create new treasures, for those who would appreciate their special touch and reconstructions. Officially open since October, 2006, and spotted in Elle and Seventeen recently, you can check out their clothing, bags, zip pouches and new goodees @

pictured above:
kiddy pinafore shorts (on sale, $38)
3 little bears bag $34
vintage-inspired pouches $30

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nano Couture – nano tech makes fashion function

nanofibers_fashion.jpgSometime in the relatively near future nano tech is going to have a major impact on our everyday lives. As with many trends, the effects of the technology are making their initial impact in the world of fashion.

Cornell design student Olivia Ong, science assistant professor Juan Hinestroza and his postdoctoral researcher Hong Dong have infused some designer threads with nano particles to create the next wave of protective, multi-functional apparel. The new approach can create a garment with enhanced anti-virus and anti-bacterial qualities that resists stains and dirt. Downside is the 10G a square yard cost.

tiesbb.jpgNano-Tex, a California nano innovator has a taken a less ambitious approach to nano fashion and already has made an impact in retail stores. The company has partnered with Brooks Brothers on a stain resistant line of men’s ties, JoS. A. Bank on dress shirts that are wrinkle-free and breathably comfortable, and with Land’s End on a line of anti-static fleece products treated with their Nano-Tex anti-static technology to make static cling obsolete.

Not to say nano tech robots may not pose some problems…

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