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Free People’s Organic Fleece Dress


Summer is all about living free and easy, and that includes pesticide-free. This organic fleece dress fits right in. Adorable details — eyelet trim on front pockets, empire waist, and smocking detail at shoulders. Available in size small only, and Sage Green. If you like it, too, don’t wait — gotta get it while you can.

find for $98 @ bloomingdale’s

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

EcoSmart Fire – a clean and green fireplace

Don’t be left out in the cold. Three-year old, Australian-based, EcoSmart Fire cooks up eco-friendly solutions for cozy, stylish fireplaces that will knock your socks off. Fueled by clean-burning, renewable, denatured alcohol (which is produced from sugar cane, in this case) — you can burn without having a flue or piping or conduit or ventilation. These sleek, eco-fire pits are easy to maintain and re-usable. Since you don’t need a chimney, they’re ideal for apartment living, or any cool, contemporary space.

22169Allambic_Marble_B.jpgThe re-fillable tank contains about five liters
of denatured ethanol. Five liters would provide from seven hours on a maximum capacity, to twenty hours on the minimum setting. So on average, you would receive about 11 hours of burn, per fill.

Designed for flexibility, they can be moved around your space, wall-mounted or free-standing. If you purchase one for your home or apartment, and then decide to either re-locate or re-configure your space, you CAN re-use it, because of its adaptable nature.
Very 21st century thinking.

No more black holes in your living space. These constructions are clearly a clean, eco-fresh take on fireplaces for the modern home. Depending on design, price varies, beginning at $2310.
to purchase in the USA, contact

or obtain more info @

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tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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Bite Blocker – an all-natural insect repellent

biteblcker.jpgIf you’re fishing deep in the Adirondack backcountry you might be tempted to risk the negative longterm health effects of a Deet based insect repellent just to keep the black flies out of your ears, nostrils and various orifices. The New England Journal of Medicine has found all-natural, Deet-free, Bite Blocker insect repellent to be just as effective as its Deet laden competitors.

The soybean based Bite Blocker line of products come with ingredients listed by the EPA as minimum risk. Bite Blocker comes in various sizes and applicators.

They even have a new tropical scent…if you go for that kind of thing.

get more info @

buy it @

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