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Jo Wood Organics – Don’t Mess with Nature


As this model for Jo Wood Organics’ shows, Jo’s commitment to an organic lifestyle is real, (note: tattoo). Maybe as real as her husband Ron’s guitar playing for the Rolling Stones. Jo travels the world and seeks out the purest and most exotic ingredients for her two distinct organic ranges of body care, these “flavors” are sinfully delicious.

Since 2005, Jo’s busily blending healthy, luxurious concoctions of essential oils and plant extracts for silky smooth skin. As a tease, treat yourself or someone special to her Usiku or Amika Organic Body Care Gift Set. You can purchase these on her site, roll over to find a stockist near you, or just visit

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bowl of Fire – salt crystal lamp

Now I’m not a crystals, pyramids and meditation type of individual (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but I do like the looks of these Himalayan salt lamps and candles.

The folks who make these salt lamps make some pretty compelling, new-agey claims:

  • heat from the bulb or flame causes the salt to emit negative ions
  • these negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air (positive ions) and neutralize them
  • the newly bonded ions become heavy and fall to the ground, removing them from the air circulation
  • In addition, these negative ions combat electro-smog caused by electronic devices operating in the home
  • symptoms from asthma, allergies, and other illnesses can also subside from the effects of these products
  • these products cleanse the air naturally

5×8 inch bowl of fire with 15watt bulb, wooden base on/off switch and cord $89.99 @

check out their cool natural shape salt lamps as well as their package deals. same day free shipping

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saturday’s mixed bag of green news


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BioBags – for food, lawn and pet waste


Check out these recyclable, biodegradable (note: conditions), kitchen bags, lawn bags and pet waste that are a great alternative to polyethylene-based, plastic bags. Made from “Matter Bi” — the first completely biodegradable and compostable bio-polymer ever invented.

A step in the right direction.
Receive more info, or order @

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solar bear tee – hemp + cotton


Look cute and change the conversation to the environment, just by walking into a room.

This 45% cotton / 55% hemp Solar Bear t-shirt goes for £22 @ The Hemp Trading Company

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