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Green on the Go, Eco Travel Kits

Juice_Organics_to_Go_1.jpg twigtogo_1.jpg

Packing up for a summer vacation? If so, you’ll want to review the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) carry-on restrictions that require three ounce or less containers of liquid and gels in your unchecked luggage. (They’ll have to be packaged within a sealed, clear, quart-sized baggie as well.) Comply with TSA’s rules naturally by snagging one of these natural travel kits:

Juice Beauty “Organics to Go” Kit: For the most supple summer skin, stick with this five-piece face care regimen that includes travel sizes of a creamy milk cleanser, face mist, exfoliator, antioxidant-rich serum and moisturizer. ($29) – above

Little Twig Organic Travel Basics: Too cute to go unmentioned, this baby travel set includes a “scrubby bug” bath mitt, body milk, baby wash, powder and diaper cream—all ideal for a little one’s extra sensitive skin. ($17) – above

You can find these options and more at

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Health is wealth, being Naturally Savvy

I came across some good, basic nutritional info that I’d like to share…from the good gals at

nutrition 101, preservatives and food additives

understand the meaning of the words, “natural” and “organic”

learn about gluten

and memorize the Dirty Dozen

Here’s to eating well, bon appetit.

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itsreclaimed – greenheart bench/table

greenheart_bench_fd.jpgThis bench is made from the reclaimed lumber of the bartop at O’Connor’s Pub in Palmer’s Green, U.K., a fine establishment, to be sure.
Greenheart is a tropical hardwood with plenty of heft. A bench after my own green heart:)
£275 @

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