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apple bag – recycled fruit-boxes from doy bags


This deliciously shaped bag is constructed of “Drysdale” juice packs. Carry this one and you’ll attract both bag fanatics and fruit lovers. Canvas-lined handles for carrying over your shoulder and a magnetic flap closure or zip closure.

Approx. 17in/44cm long, 11in/28cm high, 4in/10cm deep with flap

pluck one for $33.90 @

Shipping $3.95 per order (free on orders over $35)

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Get Some ZZZ’s or Get Charged – tea time

A tea addict, I’m constantly sampling brews and herbal blends of green, black, white and red teas. During the day, I’ll sip whatever is available… but I simply can’t crawl into bed without brewing a mug of The Republic of Tea’s “get some zzz’s” Herb Tea for Rest No. 5. Made from caffeine-free organic rooibos (red tea), chamomile, passionflower and valerian root extract, this intoxicating blend is sure to help you slip into REM smoothly.

Packaged in round, unbleached tea bags, red Herb Tea is available in other “get” flavors like “get gorgeous”, “get charged” and “get a grip.” One hundred percent organic teas are available online, too.

a full-size tin of 36 tea bags costs $10,

a mini “Travelers Tin” filled with six bags costs under $5

More info at:

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monday’s mixed bag of green news


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cottage home – repurposed barnwood tables


Country style, barnwood tables constructed of authentic, weathered barn-boards. Very nice.

Your weekend home is probably screaming for a little country authenticity and one of these tables could add just the touch. No two are alike, and you can customize: size, shape, legs and finish.
Cottage Home creates these beauties in one of my favorite states, Maine.

Tables come in a myriad of configurations starting at $1,175 @

allow 4 to 10 weeks for furniture shipping

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