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Worn Again – Bigger Shoe

Tread lightly and leave a small eco footprint with Worn Again’s, limited edition Bigger Shoe, with designs for both men and women. Made from firemen’s trousers, scrap leather from car seats, jeans, men’s shirts and recycled rubber. Includes postage and packaging for UK-ers, only.

An off-shoot of TerraPlana, check out Worn Again’s Ethical Policy. They’ve made great strides in utilizing recycled materials and regional sourcing, as well as switching to green energy for its headquarters and Covent Garden retail shop.

£65 @ wornagain.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

greendimes – stop junk mail to save the planet


Just checked one of my regional mailboxes and had to load a giant wad of crap-mail into the recycle bin. Happens everyday. We are all targets of the giant junk mail machine which consumes vast quantities of energy, water, paper/wood and landfill space.
Well there is now a company that can help. charges individual and residential consumers a modest $36 a year to fight the junk mail powers and get you off those noxious junk mail lists. They even plant a tree for you every month you’re on the plan through partnerships with American Forests, Sustainable Harvest International and Trees for the Future. Greendimes supports tree planting efforts in North America, Central America, South America, India, Senegal, and Haiti.

You select the catalogs etc. you still want to get and they stop the other stuff. If a signature is required to get off a list they send you a pre-stamped, pre-printed (on recycled paper of course) post card to sign.

Makes a nice gift idea.

For you celebrity junkies, Matt Damon just joined greendimes board.

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friday’s mixed bag of green news


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