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Etsy features Cool Recycled Carpet Goods


New from Jonathan Knodell is the Cutpile Collection — bags, cases and purses created from recycled carpet tiles and wood from his design studio. Love the felt-lined computer case! Let Jonathan know the dimensions of your laptop, and he’ll customize the case for you.
Sleek and chic, $30

Check out the entire Cutpile Collection @

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Monday, June 25, 2007

How Green is your Favorite Celeb?


A warm welcome to our new Green Teen Editor, Zach McGrath, with his first post for Alternative Consumer.

Okay, here’s a concise list of my favorite eco-celebs,
(in no particular order). Enjoy!

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Her new home with husband Brad Hall is practically a poster for green efficiency.
  • Alanis Morissette – On my list more because I like her and less because she excels at being green, but nonetheless has added things such as solar panels and hybrids to her repertoire.
  • Regina Spektor – This not-too-well-known singer/pianist attended Tennessee’s Bonnaroo 2007 along with Alexa Ray Joel and others. This concert’s no Live Earth, but it helps educate and entertain on a green basis.
  • Morgan Freeman – Drives an electric car and helps educate about being kind to the environment through speeches and interviews. Basically a cool guy.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – I know The Governator wouldn’t be the first person thought of when eco-friendly is mentioned, but he actually has been working in California to encourage the installment of solar panels in one million new homes over the next 13 years.
  • Harrison Ford- won the Global Environmental Citizen Award (2002) and is vice chairman of the Board of Conservation International (CI), on which he has served for more than ten years.

Others (such as Ashton Kutcher, Jack Black, and Sting) have made small steps toward the new “green and famous” look (which seems to be the trend these days) by driving eco-friendly cars and *gasp* recycling. Not the biggest achievement, I know, but still, it’s progress.

In Other News…

Surprising Decisions: (more…)

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recycled bottle piggy bank @ shopgreen

Designer Luitpol Ruiz Gaviria fashioned these happy porcine banks from a recycled bottle, some auto parts and a pile of whimsy.
Each bank is signed by the artist.

Get your “Little Pig” through Shopgreen, the new greener offshoot of, who can hook you up with a $10 discount code on items over $40, at Novica.
on sale now for $53.06 @

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monday’s mixed bag of green news


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noir – eco friendly meets high fashion, plus

CM_Capture_5_1.jpg Demi-couture label, Noir reflects not only high fashion, but also high ethical standards of manufacturing. Check out their unique “illuminati II” fabric, made from raw ingredients sourced in Uganda. With endorsements by Naomi Watts and Sharleen Spiteri keep your eye on this seriously stylish design house from Denmark for more organic, Fair Trade, sustainable breakthroughs both on and off the runway.

trippy website and more noir eyecandy @

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