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Friday, June 29, 2007


friday’s mixed bag of green news


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Friday, June 29, 2007

Live Earth Concert 7.7.07 party news


“People all over the world – join in…ladeda…love train.” name that tune and band. Those lyrics seem appropriate for the big love music fest that’s gaining momentum by the minute. Here’s the latest press release to come across my wire:

“Grassroots climate activists to hold events from Singapore to São Paulo — global movement emerging

NEW YORK–Climate activists affiliated with, a new million-member global online advocacy group, and, former Vice President Al Gore’s personal email list, have organized 5000 parties in 119 countries centered on the July 7 Live Earth concerts, Avaaz announced today.

In addition to watching the concerts, party-goers will take the Live Earth Pledge, committing to personal and political action to combat the climate crisis.

Live Earth is the best possible moment to start an unstoppable movement to end the climate crisis,’ said Ricken Patel, executive director of “Global public opinion is the new superpower, and Live Earth is giving it an historic jolt of renewable energy.”

Avaaz members have registered to host 2500 parties, including 312 in Australia, 100 in Mexico, 121 in Great Britain, 70 in South Africa, 17 in India, and 58 in Slovenia. While all the parties will involve the concerts and the Live Earth Pledge, each is unique–including:

a dance party at a club in Bosnia
children’s plays about global warming organized in Cotonu, Benin
a climate change festival at the International Peace Museum in Ohio
a Bahai prayer service in Mozambique
Event details can be accessed through an interactive map at The parties will be “co-hosted” by former Vice President Al Gore, who will appear via an exclusive online video (subtitled into several world languages by Avaaz). (more…)

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

BuildingsNY Show Rolls Out the Green


As an attendee of yesterday’s Day One of a 2-day event at the Javits Center, I was walking the green walk, thanks to Schein Media and NY House, sponsors of the Green Pavilion of the BuildingsNY Show. While the rest of the show was awash with blue carpet, this special section of the show rolled out the green carpet for exhibitors along the long, green, aisle. With a kick-off presentation by Donald Trump, Jr and his sister, Ivanka, and a full program of educational seminars, the conference was abuzz with info and technology regarding New York’s residential and commercial building biz.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jonathan Schein (President and Publisher), Paul McGinniss and other members of the Schein Media and NYHouse team. Jonathan’s vision and views regarding the green building industry are bright and inspiring — follow along with his “two hot properties” — the beautiful monthly, New York House and his new, sister publication New Jersey and Company, to keep up with all the latest in green building news and product innovations.

My senses were on overload in the convention center, but I managed to glean a lot of solid green info from many of the exhibitors in the hall; here are a few of the standouts: (more…)

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Sunshine Vodka – an organic libation

sunshine_bg_fade_1.jpgGreen Mountain Distillers creates this catalyst for summer cocktails for the ever-evolving eco-hipster lifestyle.

Sunshine Vodka is quadruple-distilled from 100% organic grain and pure Vermont spring water. All grain is Certified Organic and GMO free by Oregon Tilth. Small batch fermentation and proprietary distillation processes are used in the creation of this libation. Green Mountain’s hands-on staff selects the grain, distills the spirit and markets the finished product nationwide. Whenever possible, they try to purchase raw ingredients from local farm co-ops. This close integration of field to process to product gives Green Mountain Distillers an unparalleled level of integrity and local, New England character.

Buy local, buy organic, buy American.

purchase online @ D& for $23.99

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thursday’s mixed bag of green news


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