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Stella McCartney and PETA on Second Life


Vegan eco fashionista Stella McCartney and PETA have hooked up to co-host the world’s first virtual anti-fur protest. According to PETA President, Ingrid Newkirk, “When Stella came up with this idea, we were on board from the beginning…Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of humor on serious subjects,” (via: femalefirst)

Join the week-long event, beginning at 7pm on Thursday, July 12 with, an interactive, online fantasy world. Residents/avatars of the island will be surrounded by an English countryside digital world, replete with stables, a lake and picnic tables. In this alternative universe, millions of Second Life community members will be able to buy Linda McCartney mini-veggie-burgers, listen to a “live” DJ and mingle with animals in a safe environment.

Get your game on — PETA is looking for alternatives to their “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur” tag line. Jump into this digital world with your suggestion, and you just might win a prize. Judge Stella is awarding two tickets to her eco chic fashion show in Paris this October. May the games begin:)

find eco fab Stella McCartney fall 07 threads @

Stella McCartney perfume, makeup and skincare @

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Stella’s previous appearances on AltCon

(vegan handbag) and (skin CARE).

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Monday, July 2, 2007

wind chimes – handmade and recycled

As you relax by the deck or pool, be soothed by harmonious sounds of beautiful chimes. Some are for indoors, some for outdoors, and others for both. Be charmed year-round by their delicate wind song.

Improve your karma, while helping to improve living conditions and support local families on the island of Bali, by purchasing yours via The Inspiration Wind chime above is created through Mitra Bali, a non-profit org that organizes reforestation efforts on the island as well.

32″ long x 9.5″high, $32.00 @

Check out their complete array of handmade wind chimes and birdhouses.

stovepipech.jpgArtist Shirra Wall’s handmade wind chimes from recycled stove pipes feature star-shaped cut-outs that dangle and sing with the breeze. 10 inches long, at least 15 dangling stars; $55. plus $15 shipping @

Be sure to sample their sweet sounds here.

Or learn how to DIY from recycled glass @

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monday’s mixed bag of green news


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