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William McDonough’s cool eco greeting cards


Clever William McDonough literally walks the eco-walk. Architect and co-author of cradle to cradle, Remaking the Way We Make Things, William McDonough re-does greeting cards by turning them into eco friendly carpet. In keeping with the c2c approach to manufacturing — the eco cards and envelopes can be safely reused, rather than discarded.

Here’s how it works. Each card comes with an envelope and pre-paid, two-way return postage. All the recipient needs to do when they’re through with the card is drop the card and envelope in the mail to Shaw Carpet, who recycles them into carpet tile.

Here’s the other half of the eco equation. Shaw Carpet makes carpets with EcoWorx, a polyolefin-based backing that replaces harmful PVC, and “nylon 6,” a synthetic fiber that can be broken down and reused without any loss of quality. Not a single thread of material goes to waste. And check this out. When you need to replace the carpet, Shaw will come and pick it up for free and re-use the material to make more. further info @

Choose from c2c designs, ($70 for 20 cards), or create your own (with customized prices).

cards on the edge @

Look for his book, cradle to cradle at the library, or buy it at your favorite local book shop, and pass it along. It’s a must!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

ecoSMART – natural pest control in a can

Looking for a safe and effective way to rid your home of pesky ants, roaches, wasps and hornets? Hopefully, here’s a way to kill those pests without harming your self, your children, pets or environment — with botanical-based, ecoSMART. Made with organic essential oils such as clove and thyme (and ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe by the US FDA), this eco friendly line apparently smells like Tiger Balm. Note: we have not tried it.

This heady mix blocks insects’ neuroreceptors, causing their ultimate demise. After 15 years of development and $15 million in R&D investment, we can now purchase these non-toxic insecticides for under $4 a can.

New to the market, it’s currently available at select Wal-Marts in Alabama, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Texas; and through My Brands by calling 1-888-281-6400 9a-8p ET.

EcoSmart held a stunt with giant bugs, which were protesting the availability of a safe, effective alternative; the “bugs” felt that pesticides should be harmful to all living things…it includes a look at the company’s founder, Steven Bessette, whose wife inspired him to develop the brand when pregnant with twins: “bug spray the natural way” (video)

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bleach design’s – rolha cork stool

stolo_front_room.jpgPortuguese collective, Bleach Design, has created a fresh take on seating that pays homage to the first and most common use of cork – the bottle stopper. The resultant stool is both sturdy and provocative. The inherent qualities of cork not only make this piece durable, but also kind to both the environment (cork is renewable), and your posterior (cork has a natural give).

* Packaging: Boxed
* Size: 15″w x 18″h
* This item is a special order

$390.00 @ A + R

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tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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