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smart power strip – save energy


More and more people are realizing that their televisions, stereos and computer-related devices burn up energy even when on standby. The U.K. has the nifty, Bye Bye Standby, but here in the states the search is on for innovative devices to control the energy waste of devices which are at rest or not in use.

The Smart Power Strip, pictured above, features advanced circuitry that offers power surge protection and line noise filtering, while also possessing the ability to ‘sense’ the flow of electrical current through the strip’s control outlet. Because of this capability, the Smart Strip can turn off selected equipment when it’s not in use — creating benefit that no other power strip on the market today can offer.

Shutting down one device, say your computer, can cut power to all the related peripherals without you having to go to the power strip or wall switch. Place your tv in the control outlet, and control power to your home theater system and cable box. No software needed to save energy.

Pictured: LCG4 model is $41.95 @

or $43.95 @ bitslimited

They have several other models and configurations.

Let us know if you find similar energy-saving power control devices.

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

bamboo granville tank

bambootanklg_1.jpgA nicely fitted, super soft (70% bamboo / 30% organic cotton blend) extended tank. Built for both feminine style and comfort.

Bamboo is naturally wicking for those steamy, summer social events.

Comes in a choice of six colors.
$29 @

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thursday’s mixed bag of green news


  • It suprisingly has nothing to do with thongs. Judge Cancels Rio Live Earth Concert – msnbc
  • Marketing, as always, is the key. Could This be the Global Warming Generation? – cs monitor
  • Nearly Half of Electricity From Renewable Resources by 2030: Berlin – afp/yahoo!
  • I presume eating an entire chocolate bunny might be deemed excessive. A Bit of Chocolate a Day May Keep Blood Pressure at Bay – livescience
  • When is Des Moines going to announce something like this? The Hague Announces Project to Heat 4,000 Homes Using Geothermal Heating – enn
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A Slice of Organic Life – book review


Independence Day, 2007. While lazing on a rainy, beautiful, grey day in the Catskills, I devoured this tasty, easy to digest, page turner of a book.  By the end of the day I had consumed the entire organic, literary pie, one slice at a time. Big photos, big type, big, yet bite-sized ideas on how to live a healthier, more sustainable, life. I think I’ll try some of the herb gardening tips. Well-researched but not bogged down with details, it’s a volume of thoughts worth sharing.

Editor in chief: Sheherazade Goldsmith (a standout of a name, don’t you think?)

A Slice of Organic Life – for a laid back, mostly-practical-with-a-sprinkling-of-far-fetchedness, eco friendly, natural take on life. put it on The List.

discover more @ Dorling Kindersley Limited, publisher.
order via

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