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papagayo organic spiced rum

Papagayo_Sheet1.jpgTry a spicier take on that refreshingly trendy mojito with this rum distilled from organic sugarcane and spices grown in Paraguay.

In 1993 Eduardo Felippo began an organic farming project. The objective was to help about 1,000 lowly paid sugarcane farmers of the underdeveloped Paraguayan region of Arroyos y Esteros who were producing small quantities of the cane and suffering a low standard of living.

Today, more than 800 of these families are committed to producing organic sugarcane and the benefits are twofold: the farmers receive a better price for their cane and the environment is preserved via organic farming methods. Farmers are given education in production, harvesting and transportation benefit from funds sent by the International Trade Fair Association.

The sugarcane produced by these farmers is distilled in the traditional stills but now under the control of the Swiss Organic Certification Company, IMO Institute for Marketecology. Here’s an old-school Cuban mojito recipe from that will put you in touch with the way Enrnest Hemingway used to like ’em.

more info from the distiller @

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Skurniture – skateboard furniture

More fully integrate your affinity for boarding into your domestic lifestyle with this table/bench from Skurniture.

The deck and legs come in four colors which you can request in any combo.

$129 @

(via trendsnow)

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friday’s mixed bag of green news


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