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VerdeRocks – sustainable vintage jewelry

Recycled, found, repurposed and redesigned – this collection of jewelry and accessories from VerdeRocks and designer Gwendolyn Davis makes a strong statement in both visual style and sustainability.

lemonneckverde_1.jpgFrom their about: If you are looking for that “eco-look,” this not where you’ll find it. VerdeRocks is sexy, sophisticated and has an edge that lives up to the name.

Nouveau (New) Vintage brass cuffs to die for, and solid bamboo bangles encrusted with vintage Swarovski Crystals brings meaning to the words “Bamboo Bling.”

A marriage between sensuality and environmentalism, VerdeRocks defines the “New Green.”

The crown pictured above is now a headband, making an appropriately ostentatious statement reflecting your regal take on environmentalism.

$179. @

This necklace at right features a vintage lemon glass bead suspended next to a little vintage locket. A green vintage Swarovski Crystal adorns the locket’s lid. A vintage brass butterfly hovers just above a vintage glass leaf all suspended from a 24K gold plated vintage brass chain.

$49 @

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

saturday’s mixed bag of green news


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sahalie – organic cotton tee

“Learn from the past & protect the future” super soft, organic cotton tee. Graphic depiction features a slice of a tree trunk. Impart an important message, perfect for Live Earth.

$29.95, made in the USA @

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