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Reflections on Live Earth

I admit I couldn’t scrape together the carbon offsets to make it to the show in Sydney or the extravaganza in the Meadowlands (my press pass never got approved), and the satellite internet hook-up at my bunker crashed and burned thus preventing me from monitoring all things Live Earth on MSN. However, I will not let these insignificant details prevent me from imparting a few observations.

  • Though the enviro impact of the concerts has yet to be quantified, the re-purposing of worthy, old concepts like Spinal Tap to counterbalance the negative cultural impact of flacid, worn-out units like Bon Jovi, may trigger the next wave in recycling.
  • The “Material Girl” is now leading the fight against global warming, hmmm….
  • The biggest winner in Live Earth weekend was the carbon offset industry which will make some big sales when all the rock stars offset the guilt of flying to far flung venues on there eco-deadly private jets.
  • Where were the mega-bands or historic re-unions? Live Aid had Pink Floyd, Live Earth has Fergie.
  • Bob Geldorf got knighted for his benefit concert work (with a nod to the pithy ‘I Don’t Like Mondays‘). Will we soon have Sir Al Gore?
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Monday, July 9, 2007

monday’s mixed bag of green news


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catchall baskets – from the streets of Nepal


threecandybowls.jpgThese brightly friendly baskets are made from used potato chip wrappers picked up from the streets of Nepal. The bags are cleaned and wrapped around dried grasses to create these one of a kind baskets. The baskets come in four different sizes, and two different colors – the colorful bowl features the outside of the potato chip bag while the striking silver color is created using the inner lining of the potato chip bag. Remember these babies are handmade so no two are exactly alike. The story of the bowl is included.

Small – $10 6.5″ X 3″
Medium – $18 8″ X 3.5″
Large – $24 (in photo with model) 11″ X 4″
Extra Large – $28 13″ X 6″

Fairly traded out of Nepal

find them @ btc elements

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