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heard on the green grapevine…not really


In an effort to conserve energy (my own) I’ve reduced this list from 10 to 8.

  • “I desperately need to buy one of those ‘I’m Not a Plastic Bag’ designer satchels to carry my hairspray, eye liner, Fiji Water and most importantly, my carbon offset calculator…”
  • “I’m collecting rain run-off into my rainbarrel to conserve water for when I need to hose down my 3 Priuses and the Hummer…”
  • “I might have to tie back into the power grid. My solar panels aren’t pumping out enough energy to heat both my pool and my hot tub…”
  • “I have been coasting down hills in my Escalade and it really helps my gas mileage…”
  • “Whew! My private jet just got me to Aspen in time for the ‘Plant-a-Tree Bake-Off’…”
  • “It’s been estimated that up to 4kw of electric power can be harvested daily from the combined glare of the reflected brilliance of the Beckham’s…”
  • “Do you think this chartreuse hemp scarf goes with my alligator handbag?”
  • “I hear that Madonna is reducing her carbon footprint by having her household help and gardening staff walk to work…”
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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Save Money Save Water – Harvest Rainwater


“Today, the average US household uses 146,000 gallons of water per year, up to 50% of that is used for landscaping during summer months…by capturing water on a 1,500 square foot roof, a family could reduce their water bill by 50 percent and save 43,000 gallons of water yearly.” (Source: greenbuildingblocks)

In searching for ways to harvest rainwater, we previously highlighted this water diverter to capture rainwater for watering your garden. Hopefully, an edible garden:)
Harvesting rainwater for all your household water needs can be achieved by both handy DIY-ers and professional contractors/builders.

If you’re looking for a system that’s cool and efficient from the inside out, check out Katrina Logan’s LUMI for “illuminated rainwater storage,” which was awarded the 2006 City of Melbourne’s Sustainable Design Award.

If colorful recycled barrels are your thing, checkout Raleigh, NC based, RainwaterSolutions, which offers a variety of color options, in 65, 100 or 200 gallon sizes, made from recycled material in the USA and priced from $179 – $499.

Lest we forget, an important green benefit to harvesting rainwater is that it also helps mitigate stormwater pollution of our lakes, streams, rivers, water supply.

Another helpful source of info on the topic is the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance – Green Home in Canada

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Earth Choice Carpet Cleaner

carpetcleaner.jpgI had a recent carpet dilemma — serious mystery grime and chocolate stains on a nice wool carpet. Seems this occurs once a year. Last episode, I tried baking soda, salt and water on a different carpet stain, but wasn’t totally satisfied with the result. So I decided to try an off the shelf product with an endorsement from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (and a seal that reads, “Design for the Environment”) on the label. Hmm, a bit skeptical at first, but I did some investigating and decided it looked like I wouldn’t die from trying it, and I wouldn’t
harm the environment. And I must admit, I was determined to try to salvage that carpet.

Turns out, this product really worked. It somehow lifted the dirt away, and left no “ring” or sign of removal. Heaven sent and industrial-strength Earth Choice from OdoBan. Caution: read the labels carefully, some products may be more eco-friendly than others.

Let us know if you have any green, carpet cleaning solutions?

Hot Tip: link to 2 gals who do freshgreenclean.

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tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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