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Solar Roast Organic Coffee

Some of us need a good ‘kick in the pants’ every morning and if you’re like me, that may involve consuming a cup or two of java. For those in need of a greener source of this elixir, Solar Roast Coffee has a unique solution.

Organic coffee is solar-roasted in a 10-foot solar array, to focus the rays of sunshine onto a drum roaster. This roaster is capable of reaching temperatures upwards of 550 degrees F. The roaster swivels and tilts, allowing it to track the sun throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset.

The roaster doesn’t burn fossil fuels to create its heat, and it uses a solar panel to power all the electronic components on the device. Solar Roast claims to be the only coffee roaster in the world that can produce a 100% fossil-fuel-free roasted coffee. And it’s completely organic.

Fair Trade and earth friendly.

try their 4 coffee sampler for $18 @

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

saturday’s mixed bag of green news


  • Oil independence is going to be a tough battle. Shell Ordered to Suspend Arctic Offshore Drilling – reuters
  • The EPA actually enforced something. Dupont Agrees to Spend 66 Mln Dlrs to Cut U.S. Pollution – apf/yahoo!
  • My favorite is the mint chocolate chip with biscuit chunks. Dog Ice Cream Targets Austrian Canines – aol news
  • Those Vikings got around. Viking Treasure Hoard Found in England – livescience
  • This is one of those ‘you don’t mess with mother nature’ deals. Carbon Dioxide Plan Reviewed by Congress – sciencedaily
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men’s bamboo and organic cotton socks

ISO4_LRG.jpgSummer is a time for outdoor activity and itchy feet. These socks will help you exercise itch-free, and being hypoallergenic, and antibacterial, they’ll help reduce athlete’s foot. The ultra-breathable blend of bamboo and organic cotton will keep your feet cooler than even the airiest all-cotton socks; bamboo is an ideal choice in sweltering summer weather.

28% bamboo, 67% organic cotton, 4% nylon, 1% spandex. Organic. Fair Trade. Vegan.
$9.99 @

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