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Zapino electric scooter

We’re always on the prowl for alternative forms of urban transportation. Here’s a shiny, new, eco-friendly electric scooter from Zap.

The ZAPINO sports an advanced 3000-watt brush-less DC hub motor, perfect for city commuting or zipping to the store. With a top end speed of 30mph, you can pass those out-of-town drivers who are clogging up your city’s streets.

The hub motor in the rear wheel creates space for additional batteries, greater functionality and performance, while eliminating the need for belts, or chains, to create a more user friendly rider experience while also reducing overall maintenance.

black_zapino_large.jpgsome stats:

  • motor: 3000W brushless hub motor
  • max torque: 120NM/900RPM
  • max speed: about 30 mph
  • range: up to 30 miles each charge*
  • brake: rear and front disc
  • weight limit: 280 lbs.
  • battery: 60V Green Saver silicone battery
  • net weight: 297 lbs. (including battery)
  • upgrade: replace with 60v40AH lithium battery for range up to 65 miles
  • climbing ability: 25% slope with a 177 lb rider.
  • 3000 peak watts, 60 volts
  • Intelligent Controller and DBI-digita

Marketed as the most powerful electric scooter in its class.  I found no info on the charging time or number of charges expected out of the battery.

Note: Some states will classify the Zapino as a moped other states a motor driven cycle.
order online for $2,995 @

locate a zap dealer near you @ dealersearch

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

message in a bottle

In this brief video Altcon’s youthful thespians examine the dilemma that is bottled water.

Pump up the volume, and click on the small black arrow at bottom left of “video screen” above.

zach & max

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nrdc – articulate and activate


Express as you dress or accessorize (with bracelets made of recycled leather), and support National Resource Defense Council’s anti-global warming initiatives simultaneously. Order NRDC’s organic tee that says “Turn Up the Heat, Fight Global Warming” on the front, and “Clean Cars + Clean Power = Cooler Planet” on the back. And join the org or sign up to help, while you’re at it.

How deep are your green pockets? You can also donate to NRDC through Gift and Estate Planning, or your workplace. It’ll feel good to be a part of such a worthwhile organization. Sometimes, we just need to dig in and do it.

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photo above: Mount Reynolds, as seen from Logan Pass, Glacier National Park

(previously on AltCon nrdc – make an eco-fashion statement, 3.2.07)

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