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frightened grasshopper solar kit


This tiny solar bugger comes in kit form recommended for kids 10+up.

A good, cheap intro to solar tech with an added sprinkle of DIY.

all for a modest $9.95 @

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Teknion and Steelcase: green office chairs


Prompted by a recent bout with back pain, (thank you, bad golf swing) I went in search of an ergonomically- and sustainably-designed office chair, and dug up a few smartly executed seating options that are adjustable, good-looking and easy on the environment.

With a high recommendation from light house, a non-profit green building org, based in British Columbia, is Teknion’s “Contessa” chair, (pictured above) which has some very appealing attributes:

  • 85% recyclable
  • GREENGUARD certified for Indoor Air Quality
  • Modular design allows replacement of parts — extending the chair’s life cycle.

more Contessa chair info @

(As an aside, Vancouver-based Light House offers a series of Green Building 101 workshops; the next is scheduled for Saturday, July 28; 10a-12n, $26. Click here for more details about this summer series.)

Another couple of green office chair contenders are Think, and Leap by Steelcase. Both styles receive high marks on the recyclable scale and comfort meter, and are GREENGUARD certified as well. Rest assured, with either of these chairs, you’d get a seriously sustainable seat, as both are Cradle to Cradle certified Silver.

Leap options range from $799 – $2399

Think ranges from $649 – $959. I would think before I leap.

Store Locator. If there isn’t a dealer near you, Steelcase offers free, 2-day shipping via FedEx.

Previously (4.16.07) on AltCon, Think green chair by Steelcase.

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friday’s mixed bag of green news


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Bike in a Bag – Touring Style

Here’s a look at one of the UK’s best selling, fold-able bikes that comes with a nifty handle/shoulder bag. Use the bag to carry or store your bike. When ready to roll, zip open the bag and it doubles as a backpack to carry any incidentals you might need to bring along.

Bike in a bag is available in two models: Compact and Touring.

Compact, single-speed bike weighs 26 pounds (11.8kg), can accommodate riders up to 6’1″ and sells for €179.95

The new Touring 6-speed Shimano gears bike weighs 30.4 pounds, can accommodate riders up to 6’8″ and sells for €239.95.
available @ or here.

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