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One of my favorite monthlies is Natural Home. It’s filled with lots of good info about developing a natural, modern lifestyle. Here’s an online taste of what they have to offer. Avoid Greenwashers’ False Claims: How do I know I’m buying green? and Sustainable Landscaping and Chemical-Free Yards: the Earth-friendly grass is always greener.

Let us know what you’re reading.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

altCon’s green media watch


Eco design, organic food and green architecture programming will be available 24/7 this time next year, thanks to Discovery channel. They’re making a $50 million investment in original programming that will be centered around sustainable development and conservation. The Nature Conservancy, Treehugger and Grist will participate in the development of this exciting new programming. Bring it on. and more info here.

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what’s up with that?


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Keeping the Big Blue, Blue

roaylcaribbeanship_1.jpgAnother green report from 16-year old Zach McGrath

If you’re looking for a green and exciting way to vacation this year, you will be pleased to discover that Royal Caribbean offers some of the most eco-friendly cruise vacations out there. Their on-board “Save the Waves” program has transformed the way their ships run, while keeping the cruising experience as leisurely and adventurous as ever. The main goals of this program are to reduce the creation/generation of waste materials, recycle as much as possible, and ensure the proper disposal of any remaining waste. Royal Caribbean International has taken significant measures over the years to reduce the volume of ship-generated waste that must be processed.

royalcaribbean_climbing_1.jpgAgreements are in place with their suppliers to control the volume of material delivered to ships that must be processed as waste. In addition, all disposable plastic items typically available to guests, such as shampoo bottles, plastic plates and flatware, have been eliminated. Finally, Royal Caribbean is committed to the pledge that nothing goes overboard.

Many waste products generated on-board Royal Caribbean ships must be handled with special care. These waste products include used paints and thinners, medical waste, dry-cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, used butane lighters and old batteries. These wastes are never disposed of in trash containers, in the ships’ sinks and drains, or in the ships’ toilet systems.

Regulations allow Royal Caribbean ships to have a zero-discharge policy for solid wastes. All wastes remaining are either incinerated or taken care of in other green ways.

But how does Royal Caribbean International ensure that all of these standards are upheld on every ship? An environmental officer is assigned to each ship to manage its overall environmental program. These officers receive specialized training to prepare them for overseeing and verifying all environmental systems, equipment, procedures and crew training.

Feel free to check out the Royal Caribbean website to uncover other ways they “keep it green to help keep the big blue, blue“.

Green Quote of the Week
“Everyday is Earth Day for Royal Caribbean International. We’re trying to save fuel and water all the time. It’s good business sense, and it’s just the right thing to do – for everybody. My grandkids have got to grow up in this world, and they want to be able to drink clean water at the end of the day. So anything we can do now is going to help.”

  • Environmental Officer James Chapman of Royal Caribbean’s “Vision of the Seas”

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