Today’s consumer environment is a world where ‘sustainability’ and DIY represent all things positive and ‘discard’ ‘dispose’ and ‘replace’ are part of Satan’s vernacular. One huge component of sustainability is merely keeping things running and serviceable. No running to the mega-mall to buy little Trevor a new IPod every time his battery dies or buying a new flat panel tv because your remote doesn’t work. It’s time to get that stuff fixed and operational.

Well there’s a new resource on the block to help us manage, FixYa is a support community and knowledge base for repairing consumer products. The folks at this site have compiled a database of consumer electronics support, product info, repair advice, manuals and troubleshooting that may be unsurpassed on the internet. The idea behind FixYa is to aggregate and organize all the product support information that is littered across the quagmire that is the internet in a single user friendly location. FixYa is also a huge knowledge base and product forum that is constantly updated by a live community of users who share their experiences of technical problems and solutions. The site utilizes a rating system that allows users to find the best solution for every problem and, quite often, offer a new solution.

FixYa’s stated goal is to offer the best solutions for the most common problems of each and every product the site is covering. Their knowledge base is centered on user experience rather than FAQs compiled by manufacturers so you may find some guy in a bunker in Idaho who has come up with an innovative approach to fixing your faulty massage chair or your juiced-out juicer.

I did a quick search on a problem I was having with my tv and got some good insights from the user base.

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