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The American ‘green car’ market is heating up. Those in search of greener car buying options need the info, research and choices to make an educated buying decision, and make it quick. has been created to provide today’s car buyers with the tools they need to learn, browse, compare and buy more fuel-efficient vehicles.

obvio_828e_xl.jpgSince it’s estimated that 70 percent of new car buyers conduct online research before ever stepping foot on a dealer’s lot, it makes perfect sense to gather all the info on one site. Earthcars features the latest research, and rankings of environmentally friendly cars and even the ability to view and compare ‘green’ inventory from local car dealers.

The site incorporates a simple, four-globe ratings system, that ranks each brand of vehicle. The ratings are measured by: fuel economy, pollution emissions, alternative energy and green factor of the manufacturer. Additionally, to be considered an “Earthcar” all vehicles must meet a prerequisite of 35mpg highway (32mpg combined) or include an advanced alternative energy technology.

In addition to educating the consumer, provides a valuable service to auto dealers and manufactures by presenting those customers in the market for a new green vehicle with not just information, but also local green inventory and the ability to negotiate online. also features a blog, reference articles on green vehicles and a nice clean design.

These Vermonters just got the site up and running on August 1st, so get on over and check them out @

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

organic cotton handbag from sparrow handbags


This snazzy Kenji bag is made with 100% organic cotton twill dyed with low impact dyes. The lining and batting are also organic cotton.

The eye-catching print is created with non-toxic inks and bag bottoms are cut from recycled tetra boxes. Note: Sparrow handbags are manufactured with no animal products.

Style and substance…a lot to love.

$110 @

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real toys – recycled and creative

3eyedmonster.jpgReal Toys makes these handcrafted, stuffed creatures using recycled, salvaged and natural materials whenever possible.

These simple, friendly toys are created to stimulate the senses and imaginations of children young and old.


three-eyed monster (from an old woolen jumper)*

rebelliphant.jpgrebelliphant elephant*

real toys @

*Although buttons are sewn on very securely, toys with buttons are not recommended for children under three.

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thursday’s mixed bag of green news


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