I was lucky enough to get a peek at the new environmental film, 11th Hour. A powerful and thought-provoking film that examines the ingredients — from economic philosophy to scientific certitudes — of the environmental cocktail that has brought us to the precipice of disaster. All manner of scientists and philosophers speak to the impending climate crisis and potential solutions. The film documents interviews with over 50 scholars, theorists and experts — from Gorbachov to — curiously featured, former CIA chief, James Woolsey — who take us on a journey that hopefully ends in motivating more planet-friendly actions by anyone viewing the piece.

As a some-time filmaker and fulltime movie afficiando my only major criticism is, like many Hollywood films, this baby is 15 minutes too long. On a minor note, the celebrity hungry public will probably wish Leo had more screen time; and the producers’ names are splashed all over the website and film like the credits in a first-time feature, but these are all minor quibbles. The film hits hard and will have a big impact. And it’s a worthy companion piece to that gentleman, Mr. Gore’s film.

(Oh, and one more thing. Why does Leonardo DiCaprio’s name hanging over the title harken me back to the days of super-producers like Dino De Laurentiis? Just asking.)

11th Hour’s snazzy website

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