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Helping Children Become Ocean-Conscious


We’d like to extend a warm welcome to California-based, Kyla Buckingham, as we unveil her first post for The Alternative Consumer. Check out Kyla’s bio on our About Us page.

Not to be confused with fish ‘n chips, Fish and Kids provides free resources for parents, teachers, chefs, and children about sustainable fishing. With just a click you can download visually-appealing information packets, lesson plans, graphs, and worksheets that teach children how over-fishing works, the science behind it (such as the food chain), and the power of being a smart consumer. Murdock the Fisherman’s Cat guides children through fun activities and factoids, which could be incorporated into a regular science classroom.

This is a British program that would easily adapt to an American audience – after all, we share an ocean. The companies and logos they mention are often unique to the UK, but the importance of finding out the origin of the fish is clear.

Visit for these materials.

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

saturday’s mixed bag of green news


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