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Putting the “Eco” into Recovery


Shakti Rising is a San Diego home that helps young women from all states recover from addictions, trauma, depression, and body image problems on both a live-in and outpatient basis. Though their nontraditional approach to therapy does not include private luxury spas, they are dedicated to sustainability, connecting women to a greater sense of purpose by teaching them how to make environment-friendly choices on their path toward healing.

Shakti Rising is all about self-empowerment through building community and giving back to the planet. You’ll never catch them using anti-bacterial soap to clean up after an organic meal made from their backyard garden.

Scholarships are available.

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

sunday’s mixed bag of green news


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Do Something Dirty…


Get Dirty. Get Naked. Get Clean. Naturally.” Who wouldn’t love a slogan like that of Plum Island Soap Co.?

The company, which churns out deliciously scented, 100 percent natural bath, beauty and body goodies, ensures that the bounty within each bottle, jar and package is pure, gentle and completely natural. Included in the list of ingredients are pure olive oil from Italy and Greece, mineral clays from France and exotic essential oils. No synthetics, no perfume fragrances, no preservatives, no petroleum, no alcohol. Just the way it should be, right?

What to indulge in? Take your pick (think: Sweet Citrus Body Scrub, Orange Ginger Body Butter, Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm…) or sample them all with a gift set tin. At you’ll find special products for ladies, men, babies—and yes, even the family hound.

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