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palma collection – sustainable, sensual

Adorn your body with the natural beauty of the Palma Collection. I was treated to this sensational necklace and pair of earrings from cofounder, Alvaro Toledo, of the Palma Collection, and was awestruck upon opening the drawstring pouches — their jewelry is simply amazing.

The Hosono necklace is so sensual and lightweight, I couldn’t wait to wear it. I could barely feel the meticulously crafted slices of tagua nut dangling round my neck; but heard their soft, soothing sounds. This sensational piece almost performs a little dance on my chest, singing as I move. This subtle soundtrack makes me feel sexy, like my movements are choreographed to a tango or cha cha — sooo ooolala.

The fascinating process of making each piece of art is documented via a video on their site. Artisans craft from the nut of a rare palm tree that grows in South America. In keeping with sustainable principles, the nut must reach maturity and be fully ripened in order for it to be utilized in this manner. If the nut does not fall naturally from the tree, it won’t dry properly, thus rendering it useless for crafting purposes. Palma Collection’s artistic process respects the natural resource and its harvest.

I asked San Diego-based Alvaro about the dye that’s used: “The dye that is used is very soluble, provides reliable results, and is free of AOX (a toxic substance harmful to the environment and said to be a cause of cancer in people if ingested)…All our dyes comply with European Union standards (2002/61/CE). On July 15, 1994, the EU prohibited certain dyes which contain toxic substances harmful for the people and environment (76/769/CEE).

Given the tactile nature of these works of art, the website pales in comparison to the actual pieces of jewelry.

For chic, natural beauty, palma collection is unsurpassed.
Hosono Necklace pictured here, $ 36.00
Unihosty Earrings pictured here, $ 21.00

Alvaro has graciously offered Alternative Consumers a 10% discount. When you checkout online, enter code: alternativeconsumer. Shipping is always free!

Fashion model and blog editor Summer Rayne Oakes is also a fan of eco-friendly Palma Collection.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Starling Paper Journals – Manufactured with Care

StarlingPaper.jpgThe Plain White Press and designer Anne Smith have created beautiful, lined notebooks that are sure to please anyone who enjoys putting pen to paper. These hardcover books are filled with 100% recycled, acid and chlorine-free paper. Named Starling Paper after those charming little birds, they are made with low-VOC vegetable inks, archival cloth, and wind power to meet the needs of eco-conscious writers.

Price: $24
Order online @

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tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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