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Alma del Monte Vacation Home


Alma_del_Monte_2_1.jpgEscape the city and head south with a gaggle of gals, to get hitched or for an overdue family reunion. In Taos, New Mexico, travelers will find the lovely Alma del Monte vacation rental home, a luxurious hacienda property that strives to combine green elements with total comfort.

In the five-room house (sleeps ten), green features include solar pre-heated water, radiant heat tiled floors, composting, recycling, energy-efficient laundry, bulk amenities, green household cleaners and rainwater harvesting.

Outside, the adventure of Taos (or a sleepily swinging hammock) awaits. Seize the day.

For rates and details, visit

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mosquito Barrier – garlic-based insect repellant

MBgallon.jpgIf you have a serious mosquito or tick problem, and are hellbent on spraying or taking action against these bugs you might want to consider this wide-area repellent made of very strong liquid garlic. Mixed with water and applied with a sprayer, Mosquito Barrier is said to last up to 4 weeks when sprayed on a lawn or yard (2 or 3 rain storms). It isn’t harmful to bees, birds animals and humans. But don’t spray it directly on butterflies.

It has been used with good results on public, as well as private property. (Testimoniials from several municipalities)

  • when mixed each quart will cover 1.25 acres / each gallon 5 acres

$22.45 per quart and $84.95 per gallon @

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thursday’s mixed bag of green news


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