EcoTouch.gifYes, we all want to keep our hybrids, bio-diesels and fuel-efficient rides sparklin’, but taking a hose to the driveway can cost at-home washers up to 100 gallons of water. On top of that, do-it-yourselfers are likely leaking the contaminated suds into neighborhood runoff drains. Yikes.

Keep things clean and green by switching to a waterless, non-toxic cleaner like Eco Touch. A one gallon bottle of the biodegradable, petroleum-free product will save 800 gallons of water and provide up to 50 “high-quality” washes.

If tediously-clean cars aren’t your thing (hey, dirt barely shows up on silver paint anyway…) opt for the 22-ounce spray bottle ($19.99) that comes with four microfiber towels and free priority shipping.

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