Here’s a great alternative to the plastic shopping bag. The Pfaff Group has created this shopping tool which can be used as either a hand basket or a rolling shoping cart. With the Eco Kaddy you can roll items right from the checkout counter to your vehicle and into your home. Use the Eco Kaddy a few times a week and you can easily cut your plastic bag consumption by 1,000 or so a year and this shopping tool is built to last so the benefits can be longterm.

carryingshoppingecokaddy.jpg.w180h315.jpgThese guys have experimented with constructing the Kaddy out of recycled plastic resin but found it to be weaker and not suitable for longterm use (though the Eco Kaddy itself is fully recyclable). They ship anywhere in North America.

If you’re a retailer interested in selling the Eco Kaddy call: 905-814-6444 or email jsantos@pfaffgroup.com

$32.95 CAD @ ecokaddy.com

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(for you Canadians they also have an Eco Kaddy Hockey Kit for carrying pucks and stuff)