If Belize is on your list of top places to see before you die, you won’t want to pass up Chaa Creek, a sustainable eco lodge that offers enough amenities to keep you busy for as long as you’d like to be, including historically-steeped tours of the Maya Temple sites, local caves, Mountain Pine Ridge.

chaarm.jpg Besides luxe lodging, exciting adventures and relaxing spa services, guests will find eco efforts that far exceed mandated standards. Here, travelers will find the base of the Belize Foundation for Conservation, an organization established by the resort founders to promote environmental education; a natural history center that adjoins the 365 acre Chaa Creek Nature Reserve; conservation projects like the Howler Monkey Reintroduction and archaeology research; local, ecologically educated Beliziean employees; and management practices that earned the resort recognition within the Rainforest Alliance’s “Green Globe” program (recycling programs, organic farming, energy-efficient lighting, and more.)

Rates start @ $105 per person. More info at