If you’re sick of gulping chlorine, and lying red-eyed in a deck chair after swimming in your chlorine-treated swimming pool, there is an alternative. EcoSmarte pool cleaning systems offers an alternative to chlorine, and salt water pools. Their natural oxygen technology is 100% chlorine-free. The system manages and removes minerals without the use of salt or brine discharge, and is reputed to be easy to use, safer, and more effective than either traditional methods or a salt water pool.

ecosmarte1.jpgThis is how it works. Every time your pump runs, the ECOsmarte oxygen electrodes deliver a non-chemical shock to your water when the water passes through the pressure line. Once per week you test your pH and copper levels. You will switch the button on your Electronic Control Unit and ionize for 4 – 8 hours depending on your pool size and bather load. This will put copper in your pool — copper is a great algaecide and deadly to viruses.

The EcoSmarte system runs pools at a safe drinking water level, according to the EPA. Their faq says that if you were to 2 gallons of pool water treated by their system, you would ingest the same amount of copper found in a multiple-vitamin — definitely better than gulping a gallon of chlorine while that expensive hair coloring job you just had done goes green.
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