After reading about Synergy Kombucha, a totally raw, all-natural and organic Chinese tea, while flipping through a health mag recently, I was left intrigued. Boasting health benefits like increased energy levels, improved digestion, healthier skin and hair and stronger immune system functioning, the product sounded more like liquid gold than tea.

Curious, I picked up a bottle at my local natural food grocery (a bit over $3 per glass bottle) and got to work sampling. Here, a few of my first impressions on the bizarre concoction, should you decide to taste test it yourself.

First, yes, there are floaties in the drink. They’re supposed to be there—they are “strands” of Kombucha culture, a sign that the drink is living and active. (Yikes!) Second, the drink is carbonated (DON’T vigorously shake it to break up those floaties like moi. It doesn’t work. And the drink, which is carbonated, will explode everywhere.) Third; that vinegar-y taste is normal. The beverage is actually cultured, similar to fermentation, and even contains trace amounts (.05%) of alcohol. (Sitting at my desk, I wonder, is this considered drinking on the job? Hmmm…)

My overall impression? A quirky health drink that doesn’t exactly taste great, but doesn’t taste bad either. The appeal, in my mind, are all those supposed health benefits. Do a bit of research online and you’ll find plenty of people who report accuracy in the claims. Will I buy it again? I think so. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

For more info on this alternative tea, visit www.gtskombucha.com.