Here’s a story: As a newborn, I was nicknamed the “Michelin Baby” by my (oh-so-sweet) family. Old photos reveal the unfortunate truth—my little body was so plump it resembled a pile of stacked tires. Thankfully, that nickname lasted only a year… Had these cool daddy diaper bags been around back then, I’m sure my father would have toted one in honor of me.

Hand-made in the U.S. from recycled truck tire inner tubes, Passchal’s “dad’s baby case” is the ultimate for manly dad-duty. Soaked in environmentally-friendly cleaner for three days, the bags are then padded and equipped with a handy baby bottle pouch and space for cell phone and diapers. The useful bag can also double as a messenger bag when running to and from the office.

$175 at www.passchal.com. Guaranteed for 50,000 miles or life, whichever comes first.