50_ways_to_save_ocean.jpgThis paperback reads like 50 Alternative Consumer posts, so chances are, you’ll enjoy it. Each chapter is two to three pages long with concise information on an issue and personal actions you can take to solve it. The format is superb, with chapters divided into five sections: Enjoy, Conserve, Clean, Protect, and Learn and Share. Each chapter begins with a delightful cartoon about a fish and crab, and ends with a numbered list of conservation ideas.

One of my favorite chapters is called “Walk on Whatever Beach You Want.” It explains the US public trust doctrine, which guarantees you the right to walk on whatever beach you want, except for military reserves, some beaches in Maine and Massachusetts sold in the 1600s, and a few private beaches. Not even celebrities in Malibu won their demand for private beaches in 2005.

Great for flipping through when you don’t have much time — if you leave this book on your coffee table maybe your friends will pick up a few tips.

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